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First Posting...

I am currently sitting in a the 21st Century Learning presentation by Promethean at the BLC 08. I've had a blast at this conference and while some of the workshops have been frustrating (more on this in a second), they also truly inspired me for this next year. OK, the frustrating part. For a conference predicated on the idea of "constructing knowledge" and have a "bottom-up" organization of classrooms, these lectures tend to be, well, just that, a dude with a pen gesturing at a screen while And talk. And talk. I think I would have personally learned about these concepts and tools better if there was time provided during each lecture to practice what they are teaching. That said this current lecture is doing just that. There has been dialogue, and with the nifty Promethean gadget, we've been able to enter a little input. Actually, our lecturer, Sonny Magana , the National Manager, is talking about the "old" style of teaching. The be