Monday, July 9, 2012

First day of Fiction Workshop

It's back to Ancient Logic in the first time in...a long time. I created this blog to more or less test out Blogger. The conference I went to for technology that could easily be brought into education pointed out that making Blogger pages was dead simple. While that was true the first iteration of the site was also really ugly.

But now I'm glad that I opened this site because it takes at least half an hour off the process of getting up and started with this new blog.

Still, one thing that needs to be changed is the purpose of this blog. What was initially created as an experiment will be repurposed to talk about my writing.

I am a writer. I have written two novels and an assortment of short stories. Over the next few months I hope to publish some of what I've written, ultimately getting to one (maybe both) of my novels.

I am also a history teacher. This is not unrelated to the statement above. My view of teaching history is that it is the art of telling a really long story with a cast of thousands spread out over the entire world. 

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