Sunday, April 26, 2015

Late-night Visitor

The noise came from outside. I couldn’t tell you much about it except for it sounded like two cinder blocks scraping together, really loud and unpleasant. I looked behind me because it almost sounded like car wheels on gravel, something that happened when people got hung up on the embankment on the other side of our dead end street. 

No headlights though so I’m searching around the room when I hear the scraping, growling noise again and then this sharp, loud bang against the glass doors to the porch. Now Finn is up, tail wagging, looking out on the porch. I pull aside the curtains and find this tiny black cat on the porch, looking at my dog with burning yellow eyes of pure, undiluted fury. It's looking at him like the force of its glare alone would cause my dog to spontaneously burst into flames.

Finn goes up to the glass all enthusiastic because he thinks he’s just found a new friend. Meanwhile the cat arches higher up on its claws, hissing at the dog, basically taunting my dog WWF style.

“Hey! Jabroni! Why don’t you come out here and see what I got for you! Hey!” Its paw vipers out and bangs the glass. "Are you listening, jabroni?"

I rapped against the glass, and the cat gave one more menacing glance over its shoulder before vanishing into the night.

We’ve been warned.
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