Monday, June 6, 2016

What I Read in May

As the school year winds down, my time for fiction grows a little short. But here a trio of stories well worth your time to track down.

  1. Left Behind by Cat Rambo. (Clarkesword) A melancholy and sober work about the nature of the singularity as lived by one down and out mind palace engineer and an old woman who is being forced into a virtual retirement by her awful kids. There should be more of these types of stories - not tech fantasies but not quite dystopias either.
  1. No Matter Which Way We Turned by Brian Evenson. (People Holding) Short marvelously creepy story about an alien abduction mishap. Apparently inspired by a photograph.
  1. The Universal Museum of Sagacity by Robert Reed. (Clarkesworld) I've read a few of Reed's elegant character driven works but this one really got me. Its vast and achingly personal narrative inspires in the way great SF does: spawning dreams as close and welcome as a first kiss.

I hope to have a few more stories to recommend next month. In addition, you might have noticed a new addition to the tabs at the top of my blog. "Web Fiction," refers to a serial novel I will publish here at Ancient Logic, starting later this month. At the moment, I'm planning to release the first chapter on June 22nd and then keep publishing two or three chapters a week until I'm done. Keep tuned!
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