Saturday, May 25, 2013

Long Weekend

Memorial Day is the start of the official countdown for me. I have a few more weeks of regular employment and then bring on the summer. I'm really looking forward to the two and a half months this year.

Last year I felt I made real progress making the switch from having this writing thing be a hobby to something, you know, else... I've written a half a dozen stories, gotten more or less to the rejection process, and developed a somewhat work schedule for this blog, writing stories, and then sending them out.

Still, the summer is when I get the bulk of work done. It's not too tough keeping up a regular schedule during the first half of the school year but once we get to this point the work load begins to expand exponentially. It will be nice to resume my routine of waking up at a decent hour, trundling over to the local cafe, and banging out a thousand or so words everyday. It's that routine that I've found really helps the process the most. When the product of a previous day's work is still fresh in your mind, you have something more to build from, more connections to tie together.

I'm hoping that story I've been working on for the entire spring gels together a bit better than it's on to a few more ideas I have sketched out. Recently, though, I've found myself thinking along the lines of another longer project, possibly something like a YA Space Opera. I couldn't find much along the lines of what I'm thinking other than old-school Heinlein and Asimov, which either suggests a unfilled, under-explored niche or a vast commercial graveyard. Either way, I give all of my projects the kind of audition process: prove yourself in five pages or less or get the hell out.
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