Saturday, September 17, 2016

New Chapter for "Agent Shield and Spaceman"

After a little bit of delay this week, I have updated my serial web fiction "Agent Shield and Spaceman," with a new chapter, the thirtieth. 

Two quick notes on this chapter.

First off, this is one of my favorites. When I was going through the old manuscript, trying to decide if this project was really worth my time and effort, this was the one that sealed the deal for me. Paradoxically, I'm still not sure if the tale of Igor Splendov really belongs in this novel. This comes very soon after the Interlude chapter which was sort of like this one in form and function. But, I think it's impact would be lost later on in the story. That said, there's something about this episode that I find compelling. Perhaps that's the advantage of this web serial style of fiction. If you'd rather not read this back-story about the Delta Omega base, you can skip ahead.

Well, not now, exactly, but when the whole thing is done, I suppose.

Okay, second note. I recommend listening to this chapter with the following musical accompaniment. If you have not heard Nils Frahm's work before, you are in for a treat. Regardless, "Says," strikes more or less precisely the mood I was going for in this piece.

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