Saturday, December 15, 2012

The stories we tell

I had a much longer post about the events of yesterday, but blogger ate it. So that's very frustrating but I want to re-create some of what I was thinking about.

This roger Ebert interview ( came to my attention this morning and it seems like something I really should've mentioned as part of yesterday's post. Part of the frustration about gun violence is that it really isn't just one thing that causes them or would, presumably, help reduce them. It is a constellation of inter-related issues. The ready availability of guns. The gun culture we have in this country. The lack of access to good mental help for the individuals really need it.

And of course the media.

There is something sick about the repetitive nature of coverage in the media of gun violence. We see images of parents interviewed in the week of unspeakable tragedies, we see images of police and screaming children, we have an panel talking heads discussing the same issues and again and again and again. Nothing changes when things like this happen, these images become nothing more than commodities.

The one thing that criminologists say repeatedly is we should not be publicizing the identity or thoughts of the killers. More than just encouraging copy cats it's one more part of a self reinforcing vicious cycle.

Also relevant:

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