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My association with 12/21/12

I picked up my copy of this paper and pencil RPG about twenty years ago and played it throughout high school. If I'd been born a few years before, I might have played more DnD and a few years later and I'd probably have been sucked into Evercrack but this was better in my view: Magic and technology, side-by-side, with a character generation system that let you create pretty much any street samurai, battle mage, or rigger you wanted. The world of Shadowrun was deep, involved and printed in source books so cheap they pretty much disintegrated the second you looked finished reading through them.

But anyway, for me, 12/21/12 will always be the start of the fifth world, marked in the Shadowrun mythology as the date a dragon wakes up and flies around Mt. Rainier. Awesome! I will take that over some moldy misconception over Mayan calendar practices any day.

 This also marks the last few days in the year, which I've traditionally marked with a round of Year's Best lists (What can I say, I like lists). I think I have a few more essays about writing and speculative fiction to round out this week and then the lead up to next year will be as follows:

  1. My picks for music of 2012
  2. My favorite films of 2012
  3. My year in games (all types)
  4. Things I'll remember about 2012
  5. Wishes for next year

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