Monday, December 31, 2012

California as the world

I really wasn't planning on posting anything today but then I found this amazing picture. Basically this is a map distributed by Paramount in 1927 suggesting stand-in locales for movies. It hits many of my favorite obsessions:

  1. Maps
  2. Movies
  3. History
  4. Created Realities
I would love to do a map of New England with locations that could stand in for the rest of the world. Is that even possible? My sense of this region is that it is in itself a coherent place with its own specific atmosphere but I guess you could find some pretty convincing arctic tundras. Saharan deserts might be a problem, however.

This might be more relevant than it actually appears. We the increasing popularity of augmented reality games (see Ingress), might there not be a push for realistic environments for certain parts of the game. How else would you do an ice level on an AR game without actual ice?

Credit to scientologist2 on r/movies
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